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  1. thebadmattan
    15 January 2018 @ 2043

    I dig this set! The mask sets it off.


    • Ri'ann Dor
      16 January 2018 @ 1914

      Thank you!


  2. Kraskis
    21 January 2018 @ 1527

    Inspired by your awesome set, i created a similar one for my male agent. Can’t stop playing with him now. Thank you for posting 🙂


    • Ri'ann Dor
      22 January 2018 @ 0905

      That’s awesome! I’m very happy you like the set so much and I hope you’ll have a lot of fun with your version. 🙂


  3. Atlantic
    21 January 2018 @ 1953

    Yeah, this is really good. That dye is useful for so many things. I have to say that pairing the jacket and pants was a great choice.


    • Ri'ann Dor
      22 January 2018 @ 0913

      Thank you! I’m so glad we finally got some more dyes in muted colors, definitely a step in the right direction in my opinion.


      • Atlantic
        22 January 2018 @ 1604

        Absolutely! I have had a pale purple and medium blue dye (or something like that) for aaaaaages without finding a use for it. The new ones are very nice.


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