Exar Kun



Exar Kun - Female CloseExar Kun - Female FrontExar Kun - Female BackExar Kun - Female LeftExar Kun - Female Right


Exar Kun - Male CloseExar Kun - Male FrontExar Kun - Male BackExar Kun - Male RightExar Kun - Male Left

Individual Pieces

Exar Kun's Chestguard FemaleExar Kun's Greavess FemaleExar Kun's Boots FemaleExar Kun's Gauntlets FemaleExar Kun's Belt FemaleExar Kun's Wrsitguards Female

Exar Kun's Chestguard MaleExar Kun's Greavess MaleExar Kun's Boots MaleExar Kun's Gauntlets MaleExar Kun's Belt MaleExar Kun's Wrsitguards Male


Dark Purple and Deep Yellow

Exar Kun Dyed


Chest Exar Kun’s Chestguard
Hands Exar Kun’s Gauntlets
Waist Exar Kun’s Belt
Legs Exar Kun’s Greaves
Feet Exar Kun’s Boots
Wrists Exar Kun’s Wristguards

Where to Obtain:

Gatekeeper’s/Builder’s Stronghold Pack


From Wookieepedia: The Star Wars Wiki http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Exar_Kun

Exar Kun was a Human male Jedi Knight who fell from the light and became an infamous Dark Lord of the Sith at the time of the Old Sith Wars.

Kun, during his time as a Jedi Padawan, displayed an unusual curiosity regarding forbidden teachings, so much so, that, upon completion of his training, he abandoned his master and set out in pursuit of the knowledge and power of the ancient Sith. Initially, his quest led him to the planet Onderon and then its jungle moon, Dxun, where he entered the tomb of a long-deceased Dark Lord of the Sith named Freedon Nadd. With Kun’s intrusion, Nadd’s spirit awoke.