Exhumed Smuggler - Female CloseExhumed Smuggler - Female FrontExhumed Smuggler - Female BackExhumed Smuggler - Female RightExhumed Smuggler - Female Left


Exhumed Smuggler - Male CloseExhumed Smuggler - Male FrontExhumed Smuggler - Male BackExhumed Smuggler - Male RightExhumed Smuggler - Male Left

Individual Pieces

Exhumed Smuggler Female JacketExhumed Smuggler Female LeggingsExhumed Smuggler Female Boots

Exhumed Smuggler Female HeadgearExhumed Smuggler Female Gloves

Exhumed Smuggler Female BeltExhumed Smuggler Female Bracers

Exhumed Smuggler Male JacketExhumed Smuggler Male LeggingsExhumed Smuggler Male Boots

Exhumed Smuggler Male HeadgearExhumed Smuggler Male Gloves

Exhumed Smuggler Male BeltExhumed Smuggler Male Bracers


Exhumed Smuggler Dyed


Scoundrel – DPS

Head Exhumed Enforcer’s Headgear
Chest Exhumed Enforcer’s Jacket
Hands Exhumed Enforcer’s Gloves
Waist Exhumed Enforcer’s Belt
Legs Exhumed Enforcer’s Leggings
Feet Exhumed Enforcer’s Boots
Wrists Exhumed Enforcer’s Armguards

Scoundrel – Healer

Head Exhumed Field Medic’s Headgear
Chest Exhumed Field Medic’s Suit
Hands Exhumed Field Medic’s Gloves
Waist Exhumed Field Medic’s Belt
Legs Exhumed Field Medic’s Leggings
Feet Exhumed Field Medic’s Boots
Wrists Exhumed Field Medic’s Bracers

Gunslinger – DPS

Head Exhumed Field Tech’s Headgear
Chest Exhumed Field Tech’s Jacket
Hands Exhumed Field Tech’s Gloves
Waist Exhumed Field Tech’s Belt
Legs Exhumed Field Tech’s Leggings
Feet Exhumed Field Tech’s Boots
Wrists Exhumed Field Tech’s Bracers

Gunslinger – DPS

Head Exhumed Professional’s Headgear
Chest Exhumed Professional’s Jacket
Hands Exhumed Professional’s Gloves
Waist Exhumed Professional’s Belt
Legs Exhumed Professional’s Leggings
Feet Exhumed Professional’s Boots
Wrists Exhumed Professional’s Armguards

Where to Obtain:

Warzone PvP Vendor


Head Pieces

Chest Pieces

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