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  1. Sarah v2.1
    5 February 2014 @ 1337

    oh god, not again… poor battlemaster set.


  2. Skaagr
    5 February 2014 @ 1436

    Yeah, exactly my thoughts. :<


  3. Katie A.M.
    5 February 2014 @ 1806

    Well, as much as I appreciate the fact the guys are getting equally skimped gear alongside the ladies… they probably should space these types of outfits out a bit, imho.


  4. Alky
    6 February 2014 @ 0001

    I dislike the tube top for female. They should of tried something more original like they did with the previous one… I noticed the battlemaster chest is perfectly capable of doing such – in fact, it’s practically the same components as the Thana Vesh suit.


    • Sarah v2.1
      6 February 2014 @ 0703

      a little bit more creativity would indeed be better


  5. Federico Gandara
    12 January 2016 @ 1018

    There’s another chest piece with similar looking?


    • SickSorceress
      12 January 2016 @ 1326

      In that revealing form, no.


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