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TOR Fashion


  1. Errtai
    3 October 2017 @ 1332

    Uhm, where is the button for the 2nd upvote? ‘Cause one upvote alone is not doing justice to this one. Perfect man, just perfect.


    • Atlantic
      3 October 2017 @ 1641

      Thanks a million! I actually like the one vote per customer thing. I got a vote too, so we can count that as your second one.


      • CraigMitchell
        4 October 2017 @ 1028

        Hey, if I might ask, where do I get the “Ceremonial Yellow” dye?


        • Zakuul's Sniper
          4 October 2017 @ 1527

          Either the Dread Warlord or Armed Resistance Pack. It is a silver drop.


  2. CraigMitchell
    4 October 2017 @ 0435

    What is a “Ceremonial Yellow” dye and how/where do I get it? O_O


    • Atlantic
      4 October 2017 @ 1626

      I’m fairly sure it came out with the Precious Cargo pack. I got one that way and bought one off the GTN.


  3. Ri'ann Dor
    7 October 2017 @ 1248

    She looks great! The dye turned out absolutly gorgeous….maybe I should stop putting my Jedi into drab brown sacks.
    The Champion’s Lightsaber is also one of my all-time favourite hilts and it matches the set perfectly.


    • Atlantic
      7 October 2017 @ 1925

      I’m glad you like it. I miss your contributions (sacks and all). I was a bit shocked at how cheat the sabers were on the GTN. They aren’t for everyone, to be sure, but they worked well for this.


      • Ri'ann Dor
        8 October 2017 @ 0623

        That is kind of you to say. I have several outfits waiting I’d like to submit soon, still need to take some proper screenshots though :).
        Your shots look awesome btw., both Voss and Makeb were a good choice to make the colours shine! (Nice find on the matching starship!)


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