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TOR Fashion


  1. Ri'ann Dor
    25 May 2016 @ 0450

    This is a great take on a traditional jedi outfit! It looks functional, yet stylish. I really like how the same kind of leather application appears on the chest. legs and boots, it gives the whole set a very natural appeal. I’m also a sucker for all those little buckles, belts and straps.
    And it’s cool that you gave Kira a similar but individualized outfit.


    • Atlantic
      25 May 2016 @ 2307

      Thank you. I always begin by trying to find a nice complement to the chestpiece that I want to use and go from there. These pants are the only ones with a similar pattern to the chest (the same sort of carved lines on the light brown part). In this case I think I tried EVERY boot possible before these ones won out, lol. Kira’s version just needed to be softer with more runes and I wanted to stay with her original color scheme of dark blue and brown. Exar Kun’s Chestguard already has a very nice dark blue naturally so I just added a brown. Glad you like it.


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