Fálcon – The Red Eclipse


Character – Fálcon – The Red Eclipse – Scoundrel

Submitted by – Frankfurt




Piece Name Color Matched? Dye/Crystal Color(s)
Head Republic Protector’s Helmet No Medium Red & Medium Green
Chest Gunslinger’s Jacket Deep Blue & White
Hands Organa Statesman’s Gloves No Medium Yellow & Deep Gray
Waist Rugged Smuggling Belt No None & None
Legs Zayne Carrick’s Pants No Deep Blue & Black
Feet Obroan Supercommando’s Boots No Dark Yellow & Medium Yellow
Wrists Ulic Qel’Droma’s Bracers No Deep Orange & Deep Red
Weapon Interstellar Regulator’s Blaster Cresh Orange
Offhand Conqueror Field Medic’s Shotgun Yellow

Where to Obtain:

Head: Makeb Reputation Vendor (Republic)

Chest: GTN

Hands: Cartel Market or GTN

Waist: GTN

Legs: Cartel Market or GTN

Feet: PVP Gear

Wrists: Cartel Market or GTN

Weapon: Cartel Market or GTN

Offhand: Unavaliable


Character based on the Nintendo Game known as “F-ZERO”, main character Captain Falcon.

AMR Character Build Link: