Feral Visionary



Feral Visionary - Female CloseFeral Visionary - Female FrontFeral Visionary - Female BackFeral Visionary - Female RightFeral Visionary - Female Left


Feral Visionary - Male CloseFeral Visionary - Male FrontFeral Visionary - Male BackFeral Visionary - Male RightFeral Visionary - Male Left

Individual Pieces

Feral Visionary Female TunicFeral Visionary Female PantsFeral Visionary Female Boots

Feral Visionary Female HeadgearFeral Visionary Female Gloves

Feral Visionary Female BeltFeral Visionary Female Wristguards

Feral Visionary Male TunicFeral Visionary Male PantsFeral Visionary Male BootsFeral Visionary Male HeadgearFeral Visionary Male Gloves

Feral Visionary Male BeltFeral Visionary Male Wrsitguards


Dark Purple and Deep Yellow

Feral Visionary Dyed


HeadFeral Visionary Headgear
ChestFeral Visionary Tunic
HandsFeral Visionary Gloves
WaistFeral Visionary Belt
LegsFeral Visionary Pants
FeetFeral Visionary Boots
WristsFeral Visionary Wristguards

Where to Obtain:

Seneschal’s Stronghold Pack


Head Pieces

Chest Pieces