Firebrand Stalker/Survivor/Force-Master/Force-Mystic (Pub)



Firebrand Consular Animated - Female CloseFirebrand Consular Animated - Female FrontFirebrand Consular Animated - Female BackFirebrand Consular Animated - Female RightFirebrand Consular Animated - Female Left 


RM Firebrand Force Master CloseRM Firebrand Force Master FrontRM Firebrand Force Master BackRM Firebrand Force Master RightRM Firebrand Force Master Left



HeadFirebrand Stalker’s Headgear
ChestFirebrand Stalker’s Robe
HandsFirebrand Stalker’s Handwraps
WaistFirebrand Stalker’s Waistwrap
LegsFirebrand Stalker’s Legwraps
FeetFirebrand Stalker’s Boots
WristsFirebrand Stalker’s Bracers


HeadFirebrand Survivor’s Headgear
ChestFirebrand Survivor’s Robe
HandsFirebrand Survivor’s Handwraps
WaistFirebrand Survivor’s Waistwrap
LegsFirebrand Survivor’s Legwraps
FeetFirebrand Survivor’s Boots
WristsFirebrand Survivor’s Bracers


HeadFirebrand Force-Master’s Headgear
ChestFirebrand Force-Master’s Vestments
HandsFirebrand Force-Master’s Gloves
WaistFirebrand Force-Master’s Sash
LegsFirebrand Force-Master’s Lower Robe
FeetFirebrand Force-Master’s Boots
WristsFirebrand Force-Master’s Bracers


HeadFirebrand Force-Mystic’s Headgear
ChestFirebrand Force-Mystic’s Robe
HandsFirebrand Force-Mystic’s Gloves
WaistFirebrand Force-Mystic’s Sash
LegsFirebrand Force-Mystic’s Lower Robe
FeetFirebrand Force-Mystic’s Boots
WristsFirebrand Force-Mystic’s Cuffs

Where to Obtain:

No longer available.

Patch 2.2 – Animation was added to this armor. See Dulfy’s Firebrand Armor guide for videos of the animation.


Head Pieces

Chest Pieces