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Flashpoints and Operations

Last Update: 4.0 on 20 Oct 15


Most of the flashpoint gear was removed with 4.0 and replaced with static gear that drops close to your level instead of specific sets for each flashpoint. You can view these armor sets and weapons here:

  • Solo = Solo mode flashpoints intended for one player and their companion. The character will be downgraded to the level of the FP.
  • Tactical = Tactical flashpoints intended for any mixture of 4 players. After Fallen Empire launches, available from level 10-65 and character is bolstered.
  • Veteran Mode = Veteran Mode flashpoints intended for 4 players – 1 tank, 1 healer, and 2 DPS. After Fallen Empire launches, most are available from level 50-65, character is bolstered.
  • Story Mode = Easier mode flashpoints intended for 4 players – 1 tank, 1 healer, and 2 DPS. Not available in group finder and not bolstered.
NameSoloTacticalVeteran ModeStory ModeLocationGuide
The Black Talon (Imp)10+10-15 (not in group finder after level 15)50-65Fleet
Dromund Kaas Departures
The Esseles (Pub)10+10-15 (not in group finder after level 15)50-65Fleet
Coruscant Departures
Hammer Station15-6550-65Fleet
Dropship Launch Hangar
Dropship Launch Hangar
Mandalorian Raiders15-6550-65Fleet
Dropship Launch Hangar
Dropship Launch Hangar
Boarding Party (Imp)29+15-6550-65Fleet
White Nova Hangar Deck
Taral V (Pub)29+15-6550-65Fleet
Telos Hangar Deck
The Foundry (Imp)29+15-6550-65Fleet
White Nova Hangar Deck
Maelstrom Prison (Pub)29+15-6550-65Fleet
Telos Hangar Deck
Colicoid War Game41+Fleet
Dropship Launch Hangar
The Red Reaper15-6550-65Fleet
Dropship Launch Hangar
Directive 745+15-6550-65Fleet
Zadd Mission Hangar
The Battle of Ilum48+15-6550-65Ilum
Base Camp Lower Level
The False Emperor50+15-6550-65Ilum
Base Camp Lower Level
Kaon Under Siege50-6550+Fleet
Tion Mission Hangar
Lost Island15-6550-6550+Fleet
Tion Mission Hangar
Kuat Drive Yards15-65Fleet
Starfighter Launch Deck
Czerka Corporate Labs15-6550-65CZ-198
Lab Terminal 2-B
Czerka Core Meltdown15-6550-65CZ-198
Office Terminal 1-B
Assault on Tython53+15-6550-65Fleet
Outbound Missions Hangar
Korriban Incursion53+15-6550-65Fleet
Outbound Missions Hangar
Depths of Manaan53+15-6550-65Manaan
Transport Departures
Legacy of the Rakata53+15-6550-65Fleet
Outbound Missions Hangar
Blood Hunt55+15-6550-65Rishi
Bootlegger's Market
Battle of Rishi55+15-6550-65Rishi
Rishii Village
Star Fortress60+60-65 (not in group finder)

* – Purchased from vendor instead of a drop in the flashpoint.

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