Force Evangelist



F Force Evangelist Close F Force Evangelist Front F Force Evangelist Back F Force Evangelist Right Side F Froce Evangelist Left Side


Force Evangelist - Male CloseForce Evangelist - Male FrontForce Evangelist - Male BackForce Evangelist - Male RightForce Evangelist - Male Left


Head Force Evangelist’s Cowl
Chest Force Evangelist’s Shroud
Hands Force Evangelist’s Handwraps
Waist Force Evangelist’s Sash
Legs Force Evangelist’s Legwraps
Feet Force Evangelist’s Footwraps
Wrists Force Evangelist’s Wristwraps

Where to Obtain:

This is the Level 20 PvP set for consulars that can be purchased with Warzone Commendations. Only the chest and legs in the set are orange, rest are blue (not moddable).


Head Pieces

Chest Pieces