Gaby-Ramirez – The Ebon Hawk


Character – Gaby-Ramirez – The Ebon Hawk – Gunslinger

Submitted by – Maara




Piece Name Color Matched? Dye/Crystal Color(s)
Head Preceptor’s Circlet Yes None & None
Chest Sensuous Dress Top Deep Red & Deep Yellow
Hands Sensuous Dress Gloves Yes None & None
Waist Genteel Dress Sash Yes None & None
Legs Concealed Bodysuit Pants No Dark Blue & Deep Red
Feet Sensuous Dress Shoes Yes None & None
Wrists Overloaded Peacemaker Bracers Yes None & None
Weapon Cynosure Field Tech’s Blaster Pistol Red-Black
Offhand Cynosure Field Tech’s Offhand Blaster Red-Black

Where to Obtain:

  • Head:
  • Chest:
  • Hands:
  • Waist:
  • Legs:
  • Feet:
  • Wrists:
  • Weapon:
  • Offhand:


Created this toon awhile ago, just taking the time to finally post on Tor-fashion. Another part of the look would be to substitute the Concealed Bodysuit Pants with the Jori Daragon’s Loincloth with the Dark Blue and Deep Red dye module (part of the original look). Also to the time to customize my companions as superheroes as well. Risha = Batgirl, Corso = The Flash, Akaavi = Cyborg, and Guss = Aquaman. Created this set while taking this toon through the KotFE story.

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