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Galactic Command Crates

Galactic Command crates are awarded when you earn Command Ranks through Galactic Command. Galactic Command is only available to Premium Players (subscribers) at level 70, but some cosmetic items are BoE and can be traded on the GTN. This spreadsheet shows what I have collected so far.

Eternal Commander

#QualityModArmor RatingTier
1Premium (Green)Moddable2281
2Custom (Orange)Moddable2301
3Artifact (Purple)Moddable2301
4 (Schematic)Artifact (Purple)Static2301
11Premium (Green)Moddable2322
12Custom (Orange)Moddable2322
13Artifact (Purple)Moddable2342
14 (Schematic)Artifact (Purple)Static2342
15Legendary (Gold)Moddable2362


#QualityModArmor RatingTier
1Premium (Green)Moddable2383
2Custom (Orange)Static2403
3Artifact (Purple)Moddable2403
4 (Schematic)Artifact (Purple)Static2403
5Legendary (Gold)Moddable2423


#QualityModArmor RatingTier
2Prototype (Blue)Moddable2444
3Artifact (Purple)Moddable2464
4 (Schematic)Artifact (Purple)Static2464
5Legendary (Gold)Moddable2484



Eternal Commander



Eternal Commander




  • jimbo32

    A few mistakes in the Galactic Command Crates info. Any Premium (Green) items I’ve gotten from tier 1 crates are 228 rating, not 230. There is also Prototype (Blue) gear from the tier 1 crates which is 230 rating.

    • Exiled Messenger

      I haven’t seen any Prototype gear in the Tier 1 crates. They’ve all been Custom (orange) gear with Prototype (blue) AMEs.

      • jimbo32

        Yep, I double checked my storage and you’re right. They’re “Eternal Commander MK-2” orange shells with blue 230 rating mods. The enhancements seem to be optimal (Adept, Initiative, etc), though the mods are 50A’s.

  • simurgh559

    Waiting for all Tier 4 items to be displayed.

    • D. Rose

      We have to get them first :p

  • Vicious

    Still missing 2 or 3 mounts for tier 4

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