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Galactic Seasons

These are the reward and vendor items available through Galactic Seasons. Note: I did not include most non-visual items.

Season 1

Rewards (Free-to-Play)

1Ornate Kubaz Box
8Classic Cartel Weapon Pack
9Art: Portrait of Altuur zok Adon (10)
12Legacy Title: Ally to the Kubaz
15Mythran Belt
19Mythran Gauntlets
22Classic Cartel Armor Pack
25Mythran Boots
29Mythran Pants
32Classic Cartel Mount Pack
35Mythran Helmet
39Mythran Chestpiece
45Classic Cartel Weapon Pack
49Kubindi Terrarium (10)
55Classic Cartel Armor Pack
65Classic Cartel Mount Pack
75Classic Cartel Weapon Pack
85Classic Cartel Armor Pack
97Classic Cartel Mount Pack

Rewards (Subscriber)

2Smuggled Art
5Altuur's Ornate Sniper Rifle
6Stronghold Label: Hideout
10Altuur's Ornate Assault Cannon
20Altuur's Ornate Blaster Rifle
21Insecticulture Research Lab
25Altuur's Ornate Blaster
26Subterranean Teithek
30Altuur's Ornate Dualsaber
36Altuur's Infiltrator Customization
40Altuur's Ornate Lightsaber
41Mythran Hunter's Bracers
44Mythran Hunter's Belt
45Altuur's Exquisite Sniper Rifle
50Altuur's Exquisite Assault Cannon
51Mythran Hunter's Gauntlets
54Mythran Hunter's Boots
56Arid Teithek
60Altuur's Exquisite Blaster Rifle
61Mythran Hunter's Greaves
64Mythran Hunter's Helmet
65Altuur's Exquisite Blaster
66Legacy Title: Honored Among Kubaz Queens
70Altuur's Exquisite Dualsaber
71Mythran Hunter's Chestpiece
84Altuur's Superior Armor Set
85Altuur's Exquisite Lightsaber
90Kubindi Hive Farm (10)
91Albino Teithek
94Altuur's Reconnaissance Customization

Vendor – Ki’at Thavo (Seasonal)

ImageItem# Galactic Seasons Tokens
Altuur's Infiltrator Customization4
Altuur's Ornate Assault Cannon2
Altuur's Ornate Blaster2
Altuur's Ornate Blaster Rifle2
Altuur's Ornate Dualsaber2
Altuur's Ornate Lightsaber2
Altuur's Ornate Sniper Rifle2
Arid Teithek4
Detailed Writings of Insecticulture3
Immaculate Art of a Kubaz Queen2
Subterranean Teithek2
Succulent Picolet Beetles1

Vendor – Jaleit Nall (Classic and Non-Seasonal)


Carrick Station Penthouse Deed8 Galactic Seasons Tokens
Detailed Writings of Insecticulture450,000 Credits
Memoirs of the Hive Wars355,000 Credits
Succulent Picolet Beetles250,000 Credits
Vaiken Spacedock Penthouse Deed8

Group A

ImageItem# Galactic Seasons Tokens
HK-55 Jetpack3
Lucky 77 Swoop3
Makrin Creeper Seedling1
Model Gravestone1
Nico Okarr5
Nico Okarr's Duster2
Nico's Blaster2
Propaganda: Fight For The Meatbags Replica2
Tauntaun Ram1
Title: The Illustrious1

Group B

ImageItem# Galactic Seasons Tokens
Eternal Empire Patroller3
Galactic Alliance Statue Replica2
HK-55's Blaster Pistol2
Kakkran Daggerstar3
Model Zakuul Battlecruiser1
Rapid Recon Walker3
Shae Vizla5
Title: Test Pilot1
Title: The Intrepid1

Group C

ImageItem# Galactic Seasons Tokens
Grand Statue of Revan Replica3
HK-55 Helmet2
HK-55's Sniper Rifle2
JA-3 Subversive Battle Droid1
Mini-Mogul NM-11
Model Mach 21
Paxton Rall5
Title: Scourge of the Hutts1
Umbaran Patrol Tauntaun3

Group D

ImageItem# Galactic Seasons Tokens
Chiss Talon Interceptor3
Dazh Ranos6
Heliotropic Subteroth1
HK-55's Vibrosword2
JA-3 Speeder3
K1-W4 Astromech Droid1
Makeb Gazebo Replica3
RE-1 Scout Droid1
Title: The Risen1

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