Character – Gomerik – The Harbinger – Gunslinger


Gomerik - CloseGomerik - FrontGomerik - BackGomerik - Back 2Gomerik - RightGomerik - Action



Head Not visible
Chest Civilian Pilot Jacket
Hands Tionese Field Tech’s Gloves
Waist Ablative Plasteel Waistcord
Legs Smuggler’s Renowned Pants
Feet War Hero Field Tech’s Boots
Wrists Rugged Smuggling Bracers
Weapon C-305 Military Shrieker
Offhand Two-Finger’s Revenge

Where to Obtain:

Chest: Fleet Starship Upgrades Vendor

Hands: No longer available

Waist: Synthweaving – level 31

Legs: Legacy Vendor – level 10

Feet: No longer available – except for Armormech

Wrists: Armormech – level 15

Weapon: Taris Planetary Comm Vendor

Offhand: Armstech – level 48

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