• Character: Green Arrow of The Progenitor
  • Imperial Agent: Sniper
  • Submitted by: Mordicai
  • An outfit I made by mistake one day when applying a Medium Green / Dark Green dye when messing with some armour. I sadly do not have access to some of the items required on my Agent in order to make this outfit, but once I do I’ll take some action shots, other than just the outfit viewer.

    Based on The Green Arrow from DC Comics.


    Item Name Color Matched? Dye/Crystal Color(s) Source
    Head Remnant Dreadguard Consular’s Headgear Yes None & Pale Blue Alliance Supply Crates
    Chest Acolyte’s Vestments Medium Green & Dark Green Dromund Kaas Adaptive armour vendor
    Hands Sith Dueling Gloves Yes None & None GTN
    Waist Zayne Carrick’s Belt Yes None & None GTN
    Legs Revered Huntmaster’s Greaves Yes None & None GTN
    Feet Jarael’s Boots Yes None & None GTN
    Wrists Ribbed Armgear Yes None & None GTN / Low Level World Drop
    Weapon Hypersonic Shredder Choose crystal color Speciality Goods Vendor – Cartel Bazaar
    Offhand Choose crystal color