GSI Infiltration MKI


Chest has no secondary color, but legs do (black).


GSI Infiltration MKI Close GSI Infiltration MKI Front GSI Infiltration MKI Back GSI Infiltration MKI Right GSI Infiltration MKI Left


M GSI Infiltration MKI Close M GSI Infiltration MKI Front M GSI Infiltration MKI Back M GSI Infiltration MKI Right M GSI Infiltration MKI Left


Black and Black / Dark Green and White


HeadGSI Infiltration Headgear MKI25,000 credits
ChestGSI Infiltration Suit MKI25,000 credits
HandsGSI Infiltration Gloves MKI20,000 credits
WaistGSI Infiltration Belt MKI10,000 credits
LegsGSI Infiltration Leggings MKI25,000 credits
FeetGSI Infiltration Boots MKI20,000 credits
WristsGSI Infiltration Armguards MKI10,000 credits

Where to Obtain:

Requires Friend with Galactic Solutions Industries


From Wookieepedia: The Star Wars Wiki

Galactic Solutions Industries was a weapons manufacturing company that was founded by inventor and business tycoon Addalar Hyland as the Galactic War broke out between the Galactic Republicand the Sith Empire. A neutral corporation, GSI dealt weapons to both governments, and frequently hired various individuals to aid its many research divisions in their efforts to develop new weapons technologies and military gear. The company was still in business during the New Sith Wars, a conflict between the Republic and the Sith over two thousand years after GSI’s founding, and the company’s disruptor pistols were favorites of a soldier named Dessel in the Sith Brotherhood of Darkness.


Head Pieces

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Chest Pieces

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