Guss Tuno

Guss Tuno CloseGuss Tuno

“A failed Jedi Padawan who abandoned his training, the enthusiastically greedy Guss Tuno prefers the underworld lifestyle’s potential for material riches. In a perfect galaxy, Guss would spend his retirement lounging in a heated swimming pool surrounded by exotic beauties while consuming a steady diet of fresh fish and expensive cocktails. Although he often speaks before he thinks, Guss has talked his way out of certain death many times. He often uses his minimal knowledge of Jedi–and the lightsaber he stole from his old Master–to fool gullible criminals into leaving him alone. When that fails, Guss reveals he’s a much better shot than anyone would believe.”

Character ClassSmuggler
RecruitedChapter 2 - Hoth
KotFE RecruitedChapter 16: Battle of Odessen
SpeciesMon Calamari
Primary WeaponBlaster Pistol
Armor SlotsYes
Stronghold DecorationMounts, Pets and Companions – Companions
Hook TypeFloor Small, Floor Medium, Floor Medium Narrow




#1 – Ilum Security Key Vendor

20,000 credits

Guss Tuno 1 Close Guss Tuno 1

#2 – Ilum Security Key Vendor

20,000 credits

Guss Tuno 2 Close Guss Tuno 2

#3 – Outer Rim Explorer’s Pack

Guss 3 FrontGuss 3 BackGuss 3 SideGuss 3 Full

Plagued – THORN Reputation Vendor

8 x Rakghoul DNA Canister

Plagued Guss

Where to Obtain:

Planet Zone Section Vendor Coordinates
Ilum SK Republic Orbital Station   Captain Kneely (-1021, 1)