• Character: Gythild of The Harbinger
  • Imperial Agent: Operative
  • Submitted by: Gythild
  • Item Name Color Matched? /Tuning Dye/Crystal Color(s) Source
    Head Silent Ghost's Helmet Yes & Galactic Trade Network/Initiate's Shadow Pack/Pilgrim's Shadow Pack.
    Chest Agile Reconnaissance's Jacket Black & Black Galactic Trade Network/Club Vertica Nightlife Pack
    Hands Expert Fighter Gauntlets Yes & Galactic Trade Network/Tracer's Bounty Pack
    Waist Intelligence Officer Belt Yes & Galactic Trade Network/Outer Rim Explorer's Pack/
    Legs Agile Reconnaissance's Pants Yes & Galactic Trade Network/Club Vertica Nightlife Pack
    Feet Dynamic Paladin's Boots Yes & Galactic Trade Network/Armed Resistance Pack
    Wrists Havoc Squad Bracers Yes & Galactic Trade Network/Wild Space Explorer's Pack
    Weapon Wentross ER-1N Bowcaster Overcharged Weapon Tuning Wentross ER-1N Bowcaster: Galactic Trade Network/Dread Warlord Pack/Precious Cargo Pack/Armed Resistance Pack. Overcharged Weapon Tuning: Galactic Trade Network/Battler Pack. White Crystal: Galactic Trade Network/Crime Lord's Cartel Pack/Blockade Runner's Cartel Pack/Skip Tracer's Cartel Pack/Space Pirate's Cartel Pack.