• Character: Hannibol of Star Forge
  • Companion: Pierce
  • Submitted by: SithariValon
  • My attempt to recreate the Inferno Squad uniform from Battlefront 2. I thought it should be worn by Maj Pierce, given his history with Imperial Special Forces.

    Item Name Color Matched? /Tuning Dye/Crystal Color(s) Source
    Head Dread Host Headgear Yes Dark Gray and Deep Red Oricon, Friend Standing with Dread Executioners
    Chest Special Forces Jacket Dark Gray and Deep Red Battlefront 2 promotional offer
    Hands Alliance Reconnaissance Gloves No N/A Cartel Market/GTN
    Waist Alliance Reconnaissance Belt No N/A Cartel Market/GTN
    Legs Alliance Reconnaissance Pants No N/A Cartel Market/GTN
    Feet Resistance Fighter No N/A Cartel Market/GTN
    Wrists N/A
    Weapon VL-10 ST Rifle N/A Imperial Crimson or Red Cartel Market/GTN or Crafting(Red)
    Offhand N/A