Character – Hayete – Jedi Covenant – Sentinel

Submitted by – Hayete



Tattooine-Back Tattooine-Front Tattooine-Left Tattooine-Right


Piece Name Color Matched? Dye/Crystal Color(s)
Head Dread Guard’s Corrupted Mask Yes Black & Black
Chest Aspiring Knight’s Vest Black & Black
Hands Tionese Weaponmaster’s Gloves Yes Black & Black
Waist Verpine Foestopper’s MK-1 Waistcord  Yes Black & Black
Legs Restored Triumvirate Leg Plates Yes Black & Black
Feet War Hero Enforcer’s Boots Yes Black & Black
Wrists Fortified Lacqerous Armguards Yes Black & Black
Weapon Vicious Assailant Lightsaber Black-Blue
Offhand Vicious Assailant Lightsaber Black-Green

Where to Obtain:

Head: Dread Tooth World Boss

Chest: Crafted – Synthweaving

Hands: The False Emperor (Hard) – Jindo Krey

Waist: Elite Comm Vendor

Legs: Cartel Market – GTN

Feet: Crafted – Armormech

Wrists: Crafted – Armormech

Weapon: Cartel Market – GTN

Offhand: Cartel Market – GTN

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