Haywire Hunter



Haywire Hunter Close Haywire Hunter Front Haywire Hunter Back Haywire Hunter Right Haywire Hunter Left


Haywire Hunter - Male CloseHaywire Hunter - Male FrontHaywire Hunter - Male BackHaywire Hunter - Male RightHaywire Hunter - Male Left


HeadHaywire Hunter’s Helmet
ChestHaywire Hunter’s Body Armor
HandsHaywire Hunter’s Gauntlets
WaistHaywire Hunter’s Belt
LegsHaywire Hunter’s Greaves
FeetHaywire Hunter’s Boots
WristsHaywire Hunter’s Bracers

Where to Obtain:

This is the Level 20 PvP set for bounty hunters that can be purchased with Warzone Commendations. Only the chest and legs in the set are orange, rest are blue (not moddable).


Head Pieces

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Chest Pieces

[cgview id=1254 num=150 orderby=title order=asc size=145×145 quality=100 lightbox=0]