“Unlike previous HK units, the HK-55 model was designed to be a loyal bodyguard, not an assassination droid. Created specifically to combat the Eternal Empire during Arcann’s invasion of the Core Worlds, HK-55 was given to Lana Beniko, then head of Sith Intelligence, for her own protection. Although programmed with etiquette protocols to fit Imperial culture, HK-55 still has a few personality-matrix quirks, including an obsession with the term “meatbag” passed down for the HK-47 model. Despite his amiable disposition, it would be a mistake to think HK-55 a less proficient killer than his counterparts.”

Character ClassOutlander
RecruitedChapter 4: The Gravestone
Jan 2016 Subscriber Reward
GenderMale Programming
Amor SlotsNo
Primary WeaponBlaster Rifle
Sniper Rifle
Stronghold DecorationMounts, Pets and Companions – Companions
Hook TypeFloor Small, Floor Medium, Floor Medium Narrow


Advanced Recon – Star Cluster Nightlife Pack

Advanced Recon HK CloseAdvanced Recon HK

BH-7X – BBA Reputation Vendor

Legend status (25 x Completed Bouty Contract)

BH-7X CloseBH-7X Front

Czerka HK – CZ-198 Reputation Vendor

Hero status – 100,000 credits

Czerka HK CloseCzerka HK Front

Dread Master HK-51 – Esstran Exports Reputation Vendor

Hero – 1 x Cartel Market Certificate + 50,000 credits

Dread Master HK-51 CloseDread Master HK-51

HK Hutt Military – Nar Shaddaa Nightlife event

1 x Golden Certificate

HK Hutt CloseHK Hutt

Imperial Assault – Reward for Forged Alliances quest (Assault on Tython/Korriban Incursion)

Imperial Assault HK CloseImperial Assault HK Front

Jungle HK – Yavin 4 Reputation Vendor

Hero – 100,000 credits

Jungle Droid HK Customization

Republic Assault – Reward for Forged Alliances quest (Assault on Tython/Korriban Incursion)

Republic Assault HK CloseRepublic Assault HK Front

Selkath Droid HK – Reward for completing Manaan questline

Selkath Droid HK CloseSelkath Droid HKSelkath Droid HK BackSelkath Droid HK Side