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  1. Darthdjinn
    18 May 2012 @ 1121

    what is the belt?  I know its not part of the set but is a dead ringer for an actual imperial officer belt…


    • dulfy
      18 May 2012 @ 2328

      hmm that is a good question. I don’t think the model wore the belt at the time though as I was very specific about wearing only stuff part of the set. I will double check


  2. Beckbo
    25 May 2012 @ 0457

     The belt is part of the jacket graphic.


  3. Shava Nerad
    8 July 2012 @ 0333

    I just got the boots! Will post when I can get them made and screenshot. Boots are lvl 23, oddly, while the rest are lvl 27? *shrug*


  4. enlox
    5 October 2012 @ 1803

    this is actually a 6-piece set including head, chest, hands, legs, feet, waist but NOT wrists


  5. Chaser617
    7 July 2014 @ 2113

    This is going to sound silly but can I give the head-piece to Quinn if I’m a Sith Warrior? its the only thing that is a mod-able Imperial officer’s cap I’ve found, even the Panther requires you to be an agent to use it.


  6. Luke Groundpounder
    6 June 2015 @ 1506

    Hooligan seems an odd name for an armor set the is basically the representation of authority.


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