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  1. Gao Jun
    12 September 2019 @ 0738

    So they’re just being lazy and giving the bounty hunter some of the trooper armor?


    • Hagenbuch
      12 September 2019 @ 0755

      They’re using existing armor sets as placeholders on PTS. The final version on the live servers will probably look different.


      • gua543
        12 September 2019 @ 1212

        Hopefully not for everything. I saw a couple of columi sets and even a unique one for the warrior. And it will also be good to have an alternative access to some of the Revanite gear besides the CM.


      • Gao Jun
        14 September 2019 @ 1024

        Ah okay, that sounds a lot better. Thanks for the heads-up, hope they come out with some sweet designs (redesigns?)


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