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TOR Fashion


  1. Vos_L
    26 May 2012 @ 1844

    Just a heads up, this one is missing from the legacy page.


    • dulfy
      28 May 2012 @ 0306

      should be part of the legacy page now, thanks for the heads up!


  2. Housevilyatur
    27 May 2012 @ 0311

    Hey Vos, do you find an exceptional amount of graphical clipping with this set around the wrists?  The vendor seems to have clipping everywhere on him and I wondered if that happened when it was on your own character as well.


    • Vos_L
      27 May 2012 @ 1903

       I haven’t noticed it yet but I haven’t really worn the bracers and gloves because I have this set on a low level toon and not modded yet.  I’ll check that out though and let you know!


      • Housevilyatur
        28 May 2012 @ 0228

         Appreciate it — I would prefer to know before I invest 1.2 million credits into this.  Thanks in advance.


        • Vos_L
          28 May 2012 @ 0332

           Yeah, I hear ya.  It’s definitely not cheap for these sets.  I went to DK to check on the issue you’re talking about and compared it to my gear and I don’t have the same clipping issue around the wrists.  I’m guessing it only shows up on the vendor because he’s posed with his hands on his waist.  But with the actual gear, I don’t see any clipping issues with the wrist when standing, weapon drawn or running.


          • Housevilyatur
            28 May 2012 @ 1831

             Really appreciate you taking the time to look at that for me, Vos.  Thank you again.

          • Vos_L
            29 May 2012 @ 2215

             No problem!  Just a heads up, I played my BH a lot yesterday and, during cutscenes, there was no issue with the wrists but the bluish/green color in the armor was basically like a silver metallic color instead for a few of the cutscenes.  Almost like the color had disappeared.  I’m sending in a CS ticket to give them a heads up.

          • Magnus Olsson
            25 April 2013 @ 1628

            Actually, thats the colour that most seem to want, so that might actually be a good thing 😉

  3. Ritha
    30 May 2012 @ 0755

    There’s two things that bug me about this set.
    1) Something I can’t place, but something about this armour ‘feels’ tacky.  Maybe lack of fine details?
    2) the boots I feel are too wide.
    Otherwise, I think this set is awesome – Looks similar to the armour worn by unnamed female bounty hunter from the SWTOR trailer “Deceived.”


    • Eclipse
      28 January 2015 @ 1503

      She’s not unnamed…

      Her name is Shae Vizla


  4. RogueWarrior76
    21 September 2012 @ 1310

    My only complaint about this set that throws off the look totally for me is the lack of armoring on the arms. Their just black! Doesn’t make any sense to me at all.


  5. Diskuter
    24 September 2015 @ 0833

    body armor for 250k :/ so I can’t buy it. 🙁


    • xm14-90
      30 May 2016 @ 1137



  6. xm14-90
    29 May 2016 @ 1057

    Great. Some patch in the past must has altered this armor. It now has (on the chestpiece!) some ugly leg things that haven’t been there before, and don’t fit the style of this armor.

    I consinder this thing bugged now. It will take year till they will fix something like that. Or maybe they fix it never, like one belt that they have changed.

    The guy updating the game client with new armor really shoud get someadditional training hov to use the SDK. Incompetent person.


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