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TOR Fashion


  1. stefanw1337
    20 December 2015 @ 0648

    I just got this, and I’m surprised it doesn’t have the music :/ Bought it just for the music, so that sucks.


    • Xandern
      20 December 2015 @ 2002

      it does have it, it’s a flourish ability, you have to hold ctrl and z I believe for the flourish to activate when you have mounted up 🙂


      • stefanw1337
        22 December 2015 @ 1508

        It gave the dancer at the back, but not the music.. I even turned the music up..


        • Baws Skull
          4 January 2016 @ 1750

          Seems the music doesn’t work at our fleet, works everywhere else. Love it!


          • stefanw1337
            5 January 2016 @ 0630

            OK, cool. I only tried it at the fleet. Good to know! Thanks!

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