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  1. Jan Bloxham
    30 June 2012 @ 0811

    The headgear alone makes this worthwhile, esp. on an entire 8-man premade.


  2. Grill
    3 September 2012 @ 2149

    where is this vendor located? he’s not by the space station.


    • Sullivan
      10 October 2012 @ 1922

      The social vendor in the cantina.


  3. G guy of Gstudios
    13 September 2016 @ 1144

    for anyone wanting to rp as a hutt cartel security guard,go ahead =P!


  4. Zach Baker
    20 September 2016 @ 1615

    where can i get this armor?


    • D. Rose
      20 September 2016 @ 1719

      It is the Quesh social armor. If you don’t have a high enough social rank, the Imperial Duraplate armor is very similar.


      • Zach Baker
        20 September 2016 @ 1730

        Can that imperial armor be bought outside of the Hutt cartel market?


  5. Zach Baker
    20 September 2016 @ 1922

    What world?


    • D. Rose
      21 September 2016 @ 1103

      Any of the 4 starter worlds. If you are going to try to get it as a drop you will need a character that is around lvl 7. If your character is too high a level you can still get that level drop from the chests on the planets and Treasure Hunting missions. Keep in mind that it will only look like that on Imperial characters.


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