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  1. Jrustle
    19 June 2014 @ 1712

    Just dug one of these up near a tree, heh.


    • Drool Bear
      24 July 2015 @ 0215

      What planet and section were you in that you got this?


  2. Sadriel_Fett
    21 March 2015 @ 0620

    Anyone know if these are BOE or BOP, when you dig them up?


    • Aela'eth
      18 May 2015 @ 0003

      It does say BoP in the description, so I assume BoP 🙂


      • Sadriel_Fett
        18 May 2015 @ 1757

        Well, that was from the Chevin Grand Aquisition event. They were BOP when you purchased them. I was wondering about the ones you dig up with the seeker droid. Usually that stuff is BOE or BOL. I’ve never seen them on the GTN, though, so I tend to agree with you on the BOP for the dug up ones, too. I guess you better dig with the toon you want to get it, just in case.


  3. TheBlackheartLegacy
    17 May 2015 @ 1825

    I found this as an enemy drop during the Rackghoul event


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