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TOR Fashion


  1. Jen'Ari-Asha
    7 May 2017 @ 0850

    Love it! I think our main’s may be twin sisters separated at birth xD


    • Avelineae
      7 May 2017 @ 1252

      Hahah, now that you mentioned it, all I have to say is… Can’t unsee! They very well may be! xD


  2. Darth Ji'inx
    7 May 2017 @ 2237

    Your “Pristine Battlemind Sash” is probably the orange quality version. This site only has the purple (artifact) version listed, which looks different.


    • Avelineae
      8 May 2017 @ 0200

      Aaah, that could very well be it! I’ve used this look way before the outfit designer was a thing, so I’m quite sure I would’ve used a moddable belt with the rest of this pieces. ^^


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