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  1. Chakra Kusanagi
    4 December 2013 @ 1835

    Am I missing something here or is this outfit just a retexture?
    I personally don’t remember it from anywhere in the game, but I hear people whining about how all the pilot outfits were retetxures. Surely they are just exaggerating?


  2. Exiled Messenger
    5 December 2013 @ 0157

    The Imperial Battle Ace and Republic Republic Squadron Commander Pilot look like new sets to me, but the Imperial Covert Pilot is a re-skin of the Imperial Pilot with animation and the Republic Experimental Pilot is a re-skin (and re-color) of the Republic Pilot with animation.

    You can view all of the pilot armor sets to compare by choosing Pilot under Style on the sub menu.


  3. Sibakero
    5 December 2013 @ 1554

    Yep, sad to say, they are all retextures. Bits and pieces here and there, but all retextures of different armours. Just on top of my head. The Imperial Battle Ace Chest piece is a retexture of the Gree Scalene Chest. The Helmet is also a retexture, but I can’t remember from where at the moment. the Republic Squadron Commander Chest piece is a retexture of the Social IV Death’s Claw from Taris.

    Not that I’m complaining, free gear is free. 🙂


  4. Sibakero
    5 December 2013 @ 1604

    The Gree Scalene is also a retexture of the IA Battlemaster Sets:

    Just without the TRON lights. ;P IMHO, BW got a bit lazy after 1.4 and haven’t designed new stuff(except for some CM stuff) until Oricon came out. Still love BW though, lol

    for me, design-wise, pre 1.4 > all the stuff that came after


    • Fuzzypaw
      21 March 2015 @ 1120

      I am loving the gree outfits. They look cool, and have glowy on them. I saw someone with this outfit on the other day, and that’s when I realized it’s looks a lot like the gree outfit without the glowy. I’m going to get one out, and see what I can do with it. I’ll probable change out the boots, gloves and helmet.


  5. dsf
    28 June 2014 @ 1234

    The “F2P” Armor.


  6. Joseph S. Atkinson
    29 June 2014 @ 2138

    Does anyone know how to reclaim this if it’s disposed of?


    • Telanis
      23 October 2014 @ 1533

      They are Legacy items, not Cartel items. Thus they cannot be reclaimed from Collections.

      Contact Customer Service and give them the specific item names (e.g., [Imperial Battle Ace Pilot Gloves]) and ask for them to be restored. Approximate date that you destroyed them and on which character is helpful info.


    • David P.
      28 October 2014 @ 1113

      If you don’t want to call Customer service and the item you destroyed didn’t have any mods in it that you care about then you could also do the following:

      Create a new character, space bar thru the first cutscene, run to the first mailbox. Grab the set of gear out of the mailbox. Mail it to your main. Delete the new character. It is Legacy Gear after all….


  7. Telanis
    23 October 2014 @ 1534

    In the table listing the set, the Feet row says “Imperial Battle Ace Pilot Belt”. Should say Boots.


  8. Random
    18 November 2014 @ 0223

    That’s kind of stupid that they can’t be stored as some cosmetic item, even if they can be modified. By storage, I am not meaning in a cargo hold or something, I mean in an interface like the “collections” items. New players get these sets too, and they definitely do not have the inventory space for all of that shit.


  9. Alexandar von Carstein
    19 June 2016 @ 0529

    This looks pretty cool, but works the best if your an Imperial Agent, a bit Stealth Pilot & Spec./Black Ops.


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