Intelligence Officer



Intelligence Officer - Female CloseIntelligence Officer - Female FrontIntelligence Officer - Female BackIntelligence Officer - Female RightIntelligence Officer - Female Left


Intelligence Officer - Male CloseIntelligence Officer - Male FrontIntelligence Officer - Male BackIntelligence Officer - Male RightIntelligence Officer - Male Left

Individual Pieces

Intelligence Officer Female JacketIntelligence Officer Female PantsIntelligence Officer Female BootsIntelligence Officer Female HelmetIntelligence Officer Female BeltIntelligence Officer Female GlovesIntelligence Officer Female Bracers

Intelligence Officer Male JacketIntelligence Officer Male PantsIntelligence Officer Male BootsIntelligence Officer Male HelmetIntelligence Officer Male BeltIntelligence Officer Male GlovesIntelligence Officer Male Bracers


Dark Purple and Deep Yellow

Intelligence Officer Dyed

Hides Hood (also hides partial facial hair)

Intelligence Officer Hides Hood


HeadIntelligence Officer Helmet
ChestIntelligence Officer Jacket
HandsIntelligence Officer Gloves
WaistIntelligence Officer Belt
LegsIntelligence Officer Pants
FeetIntelligence Officer Boots
WristsIntelligence Officer Bracers

Where to Obtain:

Outer Rim Explorer’s Pack