Iris Exile – The Harbinger

    • Character: Iris Exile of The Harbinger
    • Smuggler: Scoundrel
    • Submitted by: Exiled Messenger

This is one of those sets that start out one way and then just kind of morph their way into something strange.

I wanted to use the Exiled Revolutionary goggles. I picked the Street Slicer jacket because no one has ever used it on the site (or used it but didn’t add the name to the post). It looked pretty good with a white and orange dye until I realized why no one has ever used it. The interior of the coat stays pink and won’t work with most dyes.

There are other versions of the jacket I could try, but since the pink isn’t quite as bad as most of the pink dyes, I decided to see what I could do with it. The hat is another item that doesn’t get a lot of love. The jacket requires a very close fitting belt or the belt will clip through like the blaster does.

As usual, thanks to Njessi for suggestions on boots, bracers, and gloves.



ItemNameColor Matched?Dye/Crystal Color(s)Source
HeadTH-07A Master Scoundrel HeadgearYesNone & NoneCrafted (armormech) from world drop schematic
ChestStreet Slicer’s LongcoatNone & NoneCartel Market
HandsKreia’s GlovesYesNone & NoneConstable’s Stronghold Pack
WaistFlak GirdleYesNone & NoneWorld Drop Level 29
LegsContraband Runner PantsYesNone & NoneOuter Rim Explorer’s Pack
FeetElegant Duelist BootsYesNone & NoneDeep Core Explorer’s Pack
WristsElegant Duelist BracersYesNone & NoneDeep Core Explorer’s Pack
WeaponBronzium BlasterBlack-PinkWorld Drop Level 17
OffhandChoose crystal color

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