Irritus – The Red Eclipse


Character – Irritus – The Red Eclipse – Assassin

Submitted by – Unoshi




PieceNameColor Matched?Dye/Crystal Color(s)
HeadMask of NihilusYesNone & None
ChestDathomir Shaman’s RobeBlack & Black
HandsGhostly Magus GloveYesNone & None
WaistBalanced Combatant’s SashYesNone & None
LegsRevan Reborn GreavesYesNone & None
FeetRevan Reborn BootsYesNone & None
WristsYesNone & None
WeaponChoose crystal color
OffhandChoose crystal color

Where to Obtain:

  • Head: GTN, Crime Lord Cartel Pack, Contraband Resale Corporation (Legend standing)
  • Chest: GTN, Architect’s Stronghold Pack
  • Hands: GTN, (Direct Purchase of Cartel Market, if im correct, no long available for the time being)
  • Waist: GTN, Architect’s Stronghold Pack
  • Legs: GTN, Initiate’s Shadow Pack
  • Feet: GTN, Initiate’s Shadow Pack
  • Wrists:
  • Weapon:
  • Offhand:


This is what i picture Darth Nihilus set would look like, all black tattered gear. Since we only get the Mask, i decided to make a complete set, compiled of others individually pieces.

[Visas Marr’s Sash] Could also be used as the belt, which would be my option as well, when i unlock it Account wide. (Price for belt is ridiculously high)

As for the glove, Any type of glove that could match the pitch black color theme, Still looking for a good one.

I did not declare any wrist as mine wasn’t appropriate but the most gloves that would fit the style of would overwrite the wrist. If you happen to find a glove that doesn’t go over the wrist item then choose a wrist item that can be dyed or color matched full black on black.

As for the weapon i did not declare any as i did not think it part of the outfit.

Thank you for viewing my set and i hope you like it. I know i did. 😀