Ivory Mouse Horranth

  • Stronghold Decoration: Mounts, Pets and Companions – Pets
  • Hook Type: Floor Small
  • Collections Account Unlock Cost: 60 CC


Ivory Mouse Horranth - FrontIvory Mouse Horranth - Back  Ivory Mouse Horranth - Side

Where to Obtain:

Cartel Market


From Wookieepedia:

Horranths were reptilian carnivores native to the Deep Core planetTython. Quadrupeds with short, stubby legs and an array of horns across their back, horranths were typically seen in few numbers on the grassy mountainsides of their homeworld.

Possessed of a high birthrate, horranth matriarchs could lay hundreds of eggs but were often constrained by a limited food supply. When food was plentiful, the high birth-rate to the horranth saw a sharp increase in their numbers. Congregating in large family groups, or broods, horranths are often responsible for depleting their habitat’s resources after a population boom.

Cost for Guild Purchase:

25,000 credits


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