Jax Batuu- Ultimate Blasé – Star Forge

  • Character: Jax Batuu- Ultimate Blasé of Star Forge
  • Smuggler: Scoundrel
  • Submitted by: Revan

This outfit is really just the Casual Connoisseur armor set with a headband of my choosing; however, I really feel it suits his style so well. It's relatively elegant, but also quite casual. During cutscenes, I feel like it really expresses the "ultimate blasé" attitude the smuggler gives off. Zero Hutts given.

Jax, better known as the Black Spire among his criminal underworld empire, is from a remote backwater planet on the galaxy's edge called Batuu. He, along with his loyal nexu mount, Destra, and his black companion akk dog, Valara, have taken over the criminal underworld of the galaxy along with his other companions. He is true to his sarcastic joking nature and his drive for credits. He's loyal to few things, which includes his team, those he works for, himself, and of course his precious cash, making him all around fairly grey in nature. He's prefers the Republic to the Empire, though wouldn't turn down good business from the Empire. Credits are credits. Although fairly grey, Jax does prefer to protect the innocent and generally only kills when justified or angry.

Item Name Color Matched? /Tuning Dye/Crystal Color(s) Source
Head Hardwire Techno Mythra Cap Yes N/A Class Story/Planetary Story/GTN
Chest Casual Connoisseur's Jacket N/A Cartel Market or GTN
Hands Casual Connoisseur's Gloves Yes N/A Cartel Market or GTN
Waist Casual Connoisseur's Belt Yes N/A Cartel Market or GTN
Legs Casual Connoisseur's Pants Yes N/A Cartel Market or GTN
Feet Casual Connoisseur's Boots Yes N/A Cartel Market or GTN
Wrists Casual Connoisseur's Bracers Yes N/A Cartel Market or GTN
Weapon Nico's Blaster Overcharged Advanced Teal-Black Eviscerating Crystal No Longer Obtainable (Subscriber Reward)
Offhand N/A (Scatter Gun)