JEDI EXILE – Satele Shan

    • Character: JEDI EXILE of Satele Shan
    • Jedi Knight: Juggernaut
    • Submitted by: Jay Asher

The Jedi always discourage their student’s from studying the darkside even during war times. They were especially weary of their talented young students. But as some Jedi do they make their own path to learn knowledge to save the galaxy they love and regardless of the good they do they are stripped of rank, status and nearly missed having her connection to the force blocked.

Seeing early on the truth of the jedi caring more about power the the galaxy itself hate for the Jedi became her only goal, dressing as lost Jedi or those on the Barash Vow even able to infiltrate the Jedi temple due to the Jedi hiding the darkness below the temple that she would attempt to use for vengeance for her master and last true student of Satele Shan.

Not Niave enough to join a Sith empire that was destined to fall upon the arrival of the Eternal Empire she used the ensuing chaos to look and gain power from all sides that studied the force, Even coming to understand and overcome the force use of the Elite Zakuul Knights, Killing the Royal Guard of Arkaan that could have saved him left side. She took the saber as her trophy Hijacking an advanced Zakuul fighter with her prize in hand is disappeared back into the force. Waiting to exact her revenge on the Jedi her discarded her for caring for all people turning her to one that cared for none.

ItemNameColor Matched? /TuningDye/Crystal Color(s)Source
HeadKreia’s HoodNoRed/BlackCM / GTN
ChestExterminator’s CuirassBrown/WhiteCM / GTN
HandsXoxaan’s HandguardsNoNoneCM / GTN
WaistImperial Cadet’s BeltYesCM / GTN
LegsRevan Reborn GreavesNoNo Color / BlackCM / GTN
FeetSatele Shan’s BootsYesCM / GTN
WristsXoxaan’s WristwrapsNoNoneCM / GTN
WeaponTrophy of a Dead Zakuul KnightLightningBlue CoreCM / GTN
OffhandBlood Red

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