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  1. Saffran
    25 May 2012 @ 1843

    I’ve mixted this robe with the Containment Officer set (leg + feet) for a armored jedi look.


    • Woodbear
      8 October 2012 @ 1700

      Could you show us a picture? I am all for armored Jedi 😉


  2. EleniRPG
    4 November 2012 @ 2213

    I saw someone with a robe that looked like this one but the main color was light purple. It was on a companion so I couldn’t “inspect” it. Anyone know what it was, and if it’s mod-able?


  3. E'lana
    10 November 2012 @ 0036

    i have this set on my jedi consular and it’s not only a 2 piece set but
    at least a 4-piece set ’cause i have feet and hand recipe and wearing


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