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Jedi Knight

This page shows armor sets or pieces of armor sets that are similar to each other and look like they might be worn by a Jedi Knight. Please see Unobtrusive Headgear for most of the similar headpieces. The J*S* naming conventions used below are internal to this website only and are not related to any SWTOR naming conventions.


JKSH03 – 1849

JKSH01 – 1843

JKSH04 – 1850

JKSH02 – 1848

JKSH05 – 1851

JKSH07 – 2668


SCSS07 – 1345

SCSS08 – 1366

SCSK04 – 1346

SCRS03 – 1347

SCRS04 – 3131

SCRS05 – 1364

SCRS06 – 1374

SCRS07 – 1377

SCCK06 – 1348

SCRS08 – 1367

SCRL01 – 2243

SCRS09 – 1354

SCRL02 – 1350

SCRS10 – 1351

SCRS11 – 1352

SCRS12 – 1371

SCRS13 – 1375

SCRS14 – 1353

SCCK07 – 3098

SCCK08 – 1373

SCCK09 – 1369

SCCK10 – 1370

SCSL20 – 1357

SCSL21 – 1378

SCRS15 – 1358

SCSK05 – 1359

SCSK06 – 1360

SCSK07 – 1361

SCSK08 – 1362

SCRS17 – 2278

SCCK11 – 3255

SCCK12 – 3256

  • ShadedWraithX

    Eradicator and Exterminator are Sith sets. You can see the Eradicator warsuit being worn by Sith in some of the trailers, and they definitely don’t sound like names for Jedi armor. Though all classes can wear them, they are designed for Sith Warriors.

    • Exiled Messenger

      So? This isn’t a page for only Jedi Knight sets. This is a page that shows sets that are similar to Jedi Knight sets. The Eradicator and Exterminator sets have the same basic style as some of the Jedi Knight sets.

      • Moonwalker

        Like you said, Exiled Messenger, it is a page listing various Jedi Knight themed armours – on top of that a great one, too (like most TOR Fashion pages I have seen)!

        Nonetheless everything ShadedWraithX said is true: Both sets are designed for Sith as you can see in some official trailers and the names do not correspond to the traditional peaceful Jedi philosophy. He even mentioned that all classes can wear them anyway. And if I may add something to the list myself: The aggressive claw-like applications on the gloves and the colour(s) – black (and red) – further indicate that both sets are indeed of Sith design.

        Of course one might list them on this page despite those facts but please be so fair to respond accordingly to justified critique.

  • Michael

    It’s not class specific armor. Anyone can wear the Eradicator set. An obese Smuggler can wear the Eradicator set.

    • Exiled Messenger

      Nowhere on this page does it say only Jedi Knights can wear this armor. This page is intended to show similar sets to Jedi Knight gear so an obese Smuggler that wants to dress like a Jedi Knight can visit this page and see that the Eradicator set, which is adaptive so he or she can wear it, is remarkably similar to the Jedi Knight-only sets of Guardian’s Exalted, Jedi Battlelord, and Valiant Jedi.

      If you would like to see a page for only Jedi Knight gear, please click on the Knight tag on any Jedi Knight-only set or use the Multiple Choice Filter on the side bar and choose Classes, Knight.

      • Michael

        My Jedi Sentinel wears this armor.

      • StereoNode

        Wait so can a Jedi Consular wear bounty hounter armor or sith armor if they want?

        • Exiled Messenger

          Unless the tooltip says a specific class, a Jedi Consular can wear any light or adaptive armor piece. Using the Outfit Designer, a Jedi Consular can wear anything that isn’t class or companion restricted. So yes, a Jedi Consular can look like a Bounty Hunter or Sith.

  • Sabretooth

    We could really use the dread master set for sell of the gtn-robes at least

  • Jonathan Simic

    I’d like something to cover the face under a hood.

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