Jun’ko – The Progenitor


Character – Jun’ko – The Progenitor – Shadow

Submitted by – Chiyeko




PieceNameColor Matched?Dye/Crystal Color(s)
HeadPreceptor’s CircletYesNone & None
ChestPreceptor’s VestmentsDark Red & Pale Brown
HandsSatele Shan’s GlovesYesNone & None
WaistPreceptor’s BeltYesNone & None
LegsThe Last Handmaiden’s LeggingsYesNone & None
FeetMantellian Privateer BootsYesNone & None
WristsEradicator’s VambracesYesNone & None
WeaponFearless Retaliator’s SaberstaffCopper
OffhandChoose crystal color

Where to Obtain:

Head: GTN / former Cartel Market Item.

Chest: GTN / former Cartel Market Item.

Hands: GTN / Cartel Market

Waist: GTN / former Cartel Market Item.

Legs: GTN / (former?) Cartel Market Item.

Feet: GTN / (former?) Cartel Market Item.

Wrists: GTN / Cartel Market

Weapon: GTN / Cartel Market



This set was heavily influenced by this set: http://torf.mmo-fashion.com/arous-the-bastion/

I just returned to swtor in the last few weeks and some one pointed me to this site and what a curse, now I am working on the looks of all my characters and spending every last credit I have. Luckily for this set I already had the preceptor set unlocked so that saved me a bit. At first I to ran with a White and Black die all matched throughout the set and a blue outline crystal. However with the latest update to the market we now have the Dark Red and Pale Brown die which is used here (not available on the character builder yet). The crystal used is a copper hawk eye one which I found matched the set quite nicely.

The only thing I would change is the belt as I feel it is a bit out of place, but so far have not found one I like better.

Anyhow open for comments on how to improve and I will upload some of my other sets to once they are done.

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