Jun’ko Zane – The Progenitor

    • Character: Jun’ko Zane of The Progenitor
    • Imperial Agent: Operative
    • Submitted by: Chiyeko

Yeah yeah and other for Jun’ko Zane she is one of my main characters and currently racks up no less than 7 outfit slots. This one came from an other I am bored let’s check the GTN for stuff. Doing so I came across an old favorite chest piece of mine Canderous Ordo’s one I used on a smuggler character I delete way back. Quick check told me the whole set was 1.7mil (paid as much back than just for the chest, odd how prices go at times) so an easy buy.

The tricky bit with this set was balance in textures, colors and sizes. Also the fact that many bracers don’t take dyes like at all does not help one. Several of the pieces have their own dyes as I switch them on and off to find out the best fit. In the end though I settled for a just unification excluding the bracers which gave the best balance, that said you can use black-deep red dyes on the gloves, shorts and boots to turn those black meaning you only have red jacket which is also really nice.

Cost wise it very much hinges on the Trunks, if you have those the whole set set me back only about 2.5-3mil, if you don’t have them it can easily go towards 15-20mil for the set. The belt for me was the next most expensive thing at 600k, the rest was cheap being greens and crafted dyes.

For reference seeing they do not pop up in the list for gear:
The boots are Outlander Savannt Kneeeboots
The Wrist pieces are Outlander Warding Cuffs

ItemNameColor Matched? /TuningDye/Crystal Color(s)Source
ChestCanderous Ordo’s VestDark Red & BlackCartel market/GTN
HandsCanderous Ordo’s GlovesYes&Cartel market/GTN
WaistRelentless Hunter’s BeltYes&Cartel market/GTN
LegsBasic Women’s TrunksYes&Cartel market/GTN
FeetKneebootsYes&Random drop/GTN
WristsNoNone & Nonerandom drop/GTN
WeaponDefiant Technographer’s Blaster RifleCartel market/GTN

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