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  1. Bleesus
    21 August 2014 @ 2127

    Now – this is my second post using this character, I guess I should give a bit of a backstory – just so you can see a bit of what’s going on with the character himself.

    Jun’ma – Jun for short, was born and raised on a world that was in the formerly free, Sith-Occupied space. When they (The Sith) surfaced once more and plunged the Galaxy into Chaos, Jun’s world was one of those last effected – but unable to defend itself. He and only a few handful of others survived when the Republic aided border planets to free as many people as they could before the Sith could take the planets.

    Due to their treatment while under brief, Empire rule – Jun is unstable, having a violent hatred of all things Empire, but having been added to the ranks of the Jedi Order, has been told and taught that he was to let go of everything that had happened to him. But he stews in secrecy, awaiting the time he can strike against the Empire like a true Weapon of the Force.

    P.S. Ironically, I chose to take most the pictures in my DK Stronghold, mainly because RP-wise, it’s the home of an Agent and his Darth S.O. Fits his character well to be invading a fortified apartments of Imperials.

    P.P.S. I find it doubly-Ironic that Jun, My Shadow – is Dressed like Exar Kun; and Alfthand, my Knight, is dressed like Ulic Qel-Droma They’re also friends and survivors from the same world. Both of them varying degrees of Dark Jedi (Alfthand being closer to the light-side).


    • gua543
      8 October 2014 @ 0738

      Sounds close to the story of my shadow, although he’s an ex-soldier and won’t be that much of a dark sider. Still, down with the Empire (if that’s the correct phrase)!


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