Jyn Érso – The Progenitor

  • Character: Jyn Érso of The Progenitor
  • Smuggler: Scoundrel
  • Submitted by: Corwin
  • So I was so impressed by the Rogue One movie (watched it on 31st of December), that when i came home I really felt the need to make one of the movie characters in Swtor. I obviously chose Jyn because I loved her character the most.

    I am currently preferred status, so most of the pieces came from my collection unlocks, may be some better ones could have been found but I can't afford them due to credits limit.

    Outfit is based on this picture:

    I am quite proud of the fact that 0 pieces use Unify colors – all pieces have original color or a dedicated dye.

    Hope you like it.

    ItemNameColor Matched? /TuningDye/Crystal Color(s)Source
    Head &
    ChestOuter Rim Gunslinger's BreastplateNone & Dark Gray
    HandsCasual Vandal GlovesNoBlack & Medium Gray
    WaistBattle-Hardened Apprentice's BeltNoNone & None
    LegsFormal Militant's PantsNoBlack & Medium Gray
    FeetTaskmaster's BootsNoNone & None
    WristsMarshland Ambusher's WristguardsNoMedium Red & Black
    WeaponBalmorran Hand Cannon Grek