Kazemaru – The Progenitor

  • Character: Kazemaru of The Progenitor
  • Jedi Knight: Sentinel
  • Submitted by: Radd'ek
  • This is somewhat evolution of the Yajinden's outfit. I wanted my Rattataki Jedi Sentinel to also wear certain variation of the Arkanian chestguard, but I also wanted it to fit the color of my character. So I searched GTN for dyes, and experimented with various pieces of armor.

    Finally I mixed certain elements of Remnant Arkanian armor with Temple Guard armor. You notice that even after coloring, the gold pieces on both sets complement each other.

    I also included some pics from Tatooine, to show armor in different lighting… And also a weird fotobomb by T-7 🙂

    ItemNameColor Matched? /TuningDye/Crystal Color(s)Source
    Head &
    ChestRemnant Arkanian Knight's ChestguardBlack & Light GraySupply Crates, after completing heroics lvl 65+
    HandsTemple Guardian's GauntletsYes &Cartel Market
    WaistTemple Guardian's BeltYes &Cartel Market
    LegsRemnant Arkanian Knight's GreavesYes &Supply Crates, after completing heroics lvl 65+
    FeetTemple Guardian's BootsYes &Cartel Market
    Wrists &
    WeaponOrdtech F7 LightsaberNoneColor Crystal Packs, GTN
    OffhandOrdtech F7 LightsaberNoneCartel Market, or GTN