Kell Dragon Combat Medic/ Eliminator/ Supercommando/ Combat Tech (Pub)



Kell Dragon Trooper - Female CloseKell Dragon Trooper - Female FrontKell Dragon Trooper - Female BackKell Dragon Trooper - Female RightKell Dragon Trooper - Female Left


Kell Dragon Trooper - Male CloseKell Dragon Trooper - Male FrontKell Dragon Trooper - Male BackKell Dragon Trooper - Male RightKell Dragon Trooper - Male Left


Commando (Healer)

HeadKell Dragon Combat Medic’s Helmet
ChestKell Dragon Combat Medic’s Body Armor
HandsKell Dragon Combat Medic’s Gauntlets
WaistKell Dragon Combat Medic’s Belt
LegsKell Dragon Combat Medic’s Legplates
FeetKell Dragon Combat Medic’s Boots
WristsKell Dragon Combat Medic’s Bracers
WeaponKell Dragon Combat Medic’s Blaster Pistol
Off-handKell Dragon Combat Medic’s Offhand Blaster

Commando (DPS)

HeadKell Dragon Eliminator’s Helmet
ChestKell Dragon Eliminator’s Chestguard
HandsKell Dragon Eliminator’s Gauntlets
WaistKell Dragon Eliminator’s Belt
LegsKell Dragon Eliminator’s Greaves
FeetKell Dragon Eliminator’s Boots
WristsKell Dragon Eliminator’s Vambraces
WeaponKell Dragon Eliminator’s Blaster Pistol
Off-handKell Dragon Eliminator’s Offhand Blaster

Vanguard (Tank)

HeadKell Dragon Supercommando’s Helmet
ChestKell Dragon Supercommando’s Body Armor
HandsKell Dragon Supercommando’s Gauntlets
WaistKell Dragon Supercommando’s Belt
LegsKell Dragon Supercommando’s Legplates
FeetKell Dragon Supercommando’s Boots
WristsKell Dragon Supercommando’s Bracers
WeaponKell Dragon Supercommando’s Blaster Pistol

Vanguard (DPS)

HeadKell Dragon Combat Tech’s Helmet
ChestKell Dragon Combat Tech’s Body Armor
HandsKell Dragon Combat Tech’s Gauntlets
WaistKell Dragon Combat Tech’s Belt
LegsKell Dragon Combat Tech’s Leggings
FeetKell Dragon Combat Tech’s Boots
WristsKell Dragon Combat Tech’s Bracers
WeaponKell Dragon Combat Tech’s Blaster Pistol

Where to Obtain:

Patch 2.2

Nightmare Tech Vendors on Gav Daragon Mission Deck – requires tokens obtained from NiM ops.

See Dulfy’s Kell Dragon Armor guide for videos showing the armor animation.


Head Pieces

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Chest Pieces

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