Kell Dragon Stalker/ Survivor/ Force-Master/ Force-Mystic (Pub)



Kell Dragon Consular - Female CloseKell Dragon Consular - Female Front 1 Kell Dragon Consular - Female BackKell Dragon Consular - Female Right Kell Dragon Consular - Female Left


Kell Dragon Consular - Male CloseKell Dragon Consular - Male FrontKell Dragon Consular - Male BackKell Dragon Consular - Male RightKell Dragon Consular - Male Left



HeadKell Dragon Stalker’s Headgear
ChestKell Dragon Stalker’s Robe
GlovesKell Dragon Stalker’s Handwraps
BeltKell Dragon Stalker’s Waistwrap
LegsKell Dragon Stalker’s Legwraps
FeetKell Dragon Stalker’s Boots
WristsKell Dragon Stalker’s Bracers
WeaponKell Dragon Stalker’s Saberstaff


HeadKell Dragon Survivor’s Headgear
ChestKell Dragon Survivor’s Robe
GlovesKell Dragon Survivor’s Handwraps
BeltKell Dragon Survivor’s Waistwrap
LegsKell Dragon Survivor’s Legwraps
FeetKell Dragon Survivor’s Boots
WristsKell Dragon Survivor’s Bracers
WeaponKell Dragon Survivor’s Saberstaff


HeadKell Dragon Force-Master’s Headgear
ChestKell Dragon Force-Master’s Vestments
GlovesKell Dragon Force-Master’s Gloves
BeltKell Dragon Force-Master’s Sash
LegsKell Dragon Force-Master’s Lower Robe
FeetKell Dragon Force-Master’s Boots
WristsKell Dragon Force-Master’s Bracers
WeaponKell Dragon Force-Master’s Lightsaber


HeadKell Dragon Force-Mystic’s Headgear
ChestKell Dragon Force-Mystic’s Robe
GlovesKell Dragon Force-Mystic’s Gloves
BeltKell Dragon Force-Mystic’s Sash
LegsKell Dragon Force-Mystic’s Lower Robe
FeetKell Dragon Force-Mystic’s Boots
WristsKell Dragon Force-Mystic’s Cuffs
WeaponKell Dragon Force-Mystic’s Lightsaber

Where to Obtain:

Patch 2.2

Nightmare Tech Vendors on Gav Daragon Mission Deck – requires tokens obtained from NiM ops.

See Dulfy’s Kell Dragon Armor guide for videos showing the armor animation.


Head Pieces

Chest Pieces