Kenzi’anna – The Progenitor


Character – Kenzi’anna – The Progenitor – Sniper

Submitted by – Sisqi




Piece Name Color Matched? Dye/Crystal Color(s)
Head Forest Scout Helmet Yes None & None
Chest Forest Scout Jacket None & None
Hands Canderous Ordo’s Gloves Yes None & None
Waist Clandestine Officer Belt Yes None & None
Legs Forest Scout Pants Yes None & None
Feet Theron Shan’s Boots Yes None & None
Wrists Veda Cloth Armguards Yes None & None
Weapon WL-29 Sniper Rifle Black-Purple
Offhand Massassi Targeter’s MK-1 Vibroknife Black-Purple

Where to Obtain:

  • Head: Shipment 4: Starfighter Packs (Galactic Ace)
  • Chest: Shipment 4: Starfighter Packs (Galactic Ace)
  • Hands: Shipment 4: Starfighter Packs (Hotshot)
  • Waist: Cartel Market
  • Legs: Shipment 4: Starfighter Packs (Galactic Ace)
  • Feet: Shipment 6: Shadow Packs (Initiate, Pilgrim)
  • Wrists: Synthweaving
  • Weapon: Nightlife Pack (Star Cluster)
  • Offhand: Elite Commendations Vendor


The last of my Sniper outfits. An outfit for jungle or forest environment. I am thinking about changing the jacket as I can imagine a long coat like this one to snag on to branches a lot. Suggestions are welcome :).

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