Ketsu Rath – Star Forge

    • Character: Ketsu Rath of Star Forge
    • Imperial Agent: Sniper
    • Submitted by: Mooncaster

Finally scrounged together enough credits to score the Secret Agent armor but now I’m broke but it’s cool cause I look fly.

Item Name Color Matched? /Tuning Dye/Crystal Color(s) Source
Chest Secret Agent’s Jacket Secondary Medium Gray Cartel Market/GTN
Hands Spymaster’s Gloves Yes Cartel Market/GTN
Waist Expert Outlaw’s Belt No Cartel Market/GTN
Legs Exiled Revolutionary’s Pants Yes Cartel Market/GTN
Feet Expert Outlaw’s Boots Yes Cartel Market/GTN
Wrists Exiled Revolutionary’s Bracers Yes Cartel Market/GTN
Weapon Indomitable Raider’s Sniper Rifle Blood Red Cartel Market/GTN

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