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  1. xzeno
    19 April 2016 @ 2241

    Very good! I was always irked by the fact the pants aren’t symmetrical, but it still looks awesome.


  2. Aiko
    20 April 2016 @ 0007

    I used to wear that set too.. then we got Shae Vizlas Armor :3


    • Tatiya
      21 April 2016 @ 0542

      I have that set too, but the only problem with Shae Vizlas armour is that it matches horribly with almost everything that isn’t Shae Vizlas armour and personally, I prefer to mix and match stuff.

      Also, on my server I’m avoiding using it right now as it seems that the world and his brother is using that set and while I’m not a special snowflake by any means, I don’t want to be a clone either.


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