• Character: Kiennen of The Harbinger
  • Jedi Knight: Sentinel
  • Submitted by: Emperaeon
  • These are two complementary outfits I designed to connote the appearance of a paladin or ancient jedi warrior. The gold detailing of the chespiece, legplates and greaves combine very well with the two dyes I chose in order to give the appearance that the armour might be encrusted in jewels and rare metals. The helmet and shoulder pauldron have always appeared very regal to me, and the cape with its golden thread completes the image.

    I chose to show both these outfits simultaneously, as they are designed to go together and are almost identical, save a difference in the belts. The crimson set uses the Remnant Underworld Knight's Belt, whilst the royal blue set uses the Exiled Knight's Belt. In the armour description I have linked the pieces for the crimson set, which uses the Dark Red/Pale Brown Dye. The royal blue set uses a Dark Blue/Light Brown Dye.

    I love the sense or regality from these two sets; the various runes and carvings on the crown-like helm are particularly favourite elements, and I aimed to connect the gold trim as a theme throughout each of the pieces, especially on the bracers, helm, belt and cape. Were you to meet either of these warriors in battle, at least your final moments would be filled with something beautiful.

    Item Name Color Matched? /Tuning Dye/Crystal Color(s) Source
    Head Chancery Cap Yes & GTN, <lv50 planetary drop
    Chest Zal Alloy Breastplate Dark Red & Pale Brown GTN, <lv50 planetary drop
    Hands Norris Gloves Yes & GTN, <lv50 planetary drop
    Waist Remnant Underworld Knight's Belt Yes & Heroic Mission Crates
    Legs Zal Alloy Legguards Yes & GTN, <lv50 planetary drop
    Feet Heavy Exoskeletal Treads Yes & GTN, <lv50 planetary drop
    Wrists Exiled Knight's Bracers Yes & GTN
    Weapon Cathar Honor Sword GTN
    Offhand Cathar Honor Sword GTN